This blog looks at the best films that have been released in the past ten years. The articles found on this site range from talking about different genres to looking at film critic organisations. Each section is written using simple English and no jargon. Hopefully this means that the blog will be easily read by most people.

Why Focus On Movies?

The main reason for choosing movies as a theme is that this art form is enjoyed by so many people. Film transcends national borders and cultures. People from all over the world watch them. After television and video games, cinema is the dominant form of modern entertainment. This makes it an ideal subject to write about. It is far from niche.

Who Will This Blog Appeal To?

Most readers will find something of value from the information on this site. Students of film studies will find the blog particularly useful. This is because it delves into forms of cinema commonly discussed on courses, such as popular Hollywood films and documentaries. People who want to broaden the types of movies they watch will also find the site very appealing. There are plenty of suggestions for films from the past decade.

How To Read This Blog

The blog itself has one central theme: the best films of the decade. However, each article is unique and quite different to all the others. Readers have two options when going through this site. They can look at the titles of each article and pick one that most appeals to their interests.

However, it is recommended that they instead read every section of this site. There are several reasons for this. It will give them a much broader knowledge on the subject. Furthermore readers will be able to link each section together, allowing for a much more rewarding experience.