The theme of this blog is concerned with the world of movies. There are several articles, each focusing on a unique aspect of modern films. The movies listed in these articles were all released at some point in the past ten years. It has been an exciting decade for the industry. Many classic titles have hit screens to critical acclaim. This blog tells the reader which ones are worth seeking out.

Horror Movies

The 2010’s has been a fantastic decade for horror films. There has been a surge in remakes of this genre. This includes the hit film IT, which has now become the most lucrative horror movie of all time. Readers can learn about the best horror titles that have recently been released. They range in tone from comedic ones such as The Cabin In The Woods to more serious fare like The Witch.

Indie Movies

Thanks to the development of affordable production technology it is now easier than ever for independent filmmakers to create high quality works of art. This article discusses some of this decade’s highlights in the world of indie movies. The titles listed include Boyhood, which took twelve years to get finished.

Best Picture Winners

Every year the Academy Awards gives out prizes to the films that are deemed the best in Hollywood. The most prestigious prize of all is the one for Best Picture. In the past decade this award has been won by some exceptional movies. They range from the fantasy drama, The Shape Of Water to the hard hitting biopic Spotlight. This article lists the Best Picture winners of the 2010’s.

Red Letter Media

The film industry would not be the same without its vocal community of critics. They determine which releases are worthy of praise and which should be panned. This article looks at one of the most popular critic organisations, Red Letter Media. This company produces online videos where its presenters discuss the films currently being shown in cinemas. They have gained attention from the general public thanks to their frank and honest takes on new movies.

Sports Movies

There has also been a large number of sports movies released during the 2010’s. Documentaries focusing on sports personalities have seen a boom in particular. For instance, Senna chronicles the life of Formula One star Ayrton Senna da Silva. Other great recent sports films include Next Goal Wins about the American Samoan football team.