Best Horror Films

In the past decade there has been a boom in the popularity of horror movies. The genre has seen a resurgence after it declined during the 1990s. People watch these films because it allows them to experience controlled fear. Horror is also used by society to express current anxieties. There are several films of this genre released in the last ten years that are worth seeking out.

Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

Tucker and Dale are two friends who live out in the countryside. Their attempts to be friendly with young tourists do not go well. In a case of mistaken identity they are perceived as psychotic murderers. This film subverts the tropes of earlier slasher titles. It mixes comedy with gruesome special effects.

The Cabin In The Woods

This is another example of filmmakers taking horror cliches and subverting them. A group of teenagers stay overnight in a cabin. What they do not know is that they are the subjects of a secret government operation. They are to be sacrificed using an array of different horror movie monsters.


When a family moves into their new home the father finds old film reels. As he watches them a series of murders appears before his eyes. It becomes clear that there is a malevolent presence in the house. Sinister is one of the best supernatural movies in the past decade.

The Witch

The Witch is a period film that uses realistic costumes, set design and dialogue. It is about a Christian family who decide to live out in the woods rather than the sinful city. Unfortunately a witch lives close by and begins to work her evil on the children. This film achieves a unique level of artistry. There is a strong feeling of tension throughout.

Get Out

Get Out was lauded upon its release. Its main theme is the alienation of black Americans and the country’s hidden racism. A young black man visits his girlfriend’s family in the countryside. There is a clear sense of conspiracy. As the mystery begins to unravel the story takes a strange science fiction turn.


Based on the successful Stephen King novel, IT is about a group of kids who are targeted by a supernatural clown. He brings their greatest fears to life before he attacks them. IT is now the most lucrative horror movie of all time. Its high box office returns will likely lead to more horror titles being produced in the near future.


Nicolas Cage gives a brilliant performance as a man who seeks revenge on the cult who attacked him and his girlfriend. Mandy is very psychedelic, using tripping cinematography and ethereal sounds. It is also graphically violent and nightmarish.


This remake of Dario Argento’s classic manages to surpass the original in many ways. It follows a young woman as she starts learning ballet at a famous academy. The teachers are all secretly witches who use dream spells. Tilda Swinton plays three different characters including an elderly man and grotesque witch.