Red Letter Media

For years, video sharing sites like YouTube have been used by film critics to give their reviews on the latest movies. It is a useful medium because a large, worldwide audience can be reached. Furthermore, film critics who utilise the internet can bypass having to go through mainstream media networks.

Red Letter Media is a good example of online film criticism. This company began by producing short comedy films before creating full length ones. However, they did not receive acclaim until they released Half In The Bag, their show which looks at the best and worst films currently in the cinema.

Half In The Bag

This show follows two characters called Mike and Jay who work as VHS repairmen. They often encounter a grotesque elderly man called Mr Plinkett. The opening scenes tend to be sketches with a long arc narrative.

Once this is over they sit down together and talk about the most recent cinematic releases. Half In The Bag is popular because the characters take an analytical approach to film criticism. They explain what works well in a movie relating to its tone, narrative and production values.

The Best Of The Worst

Another well received show from Red Letter Media is The Best Of The Worst. The staff who work for this company come together and watch a set of movies that are considered awful. They then discuss each one and come to a consensus regarding which film is the best.

Fans of the show can send in their own tapes and DVDs which are sometimes selected for viewing. Often the best films are ones that are so bad they become comical on an unintended level.

Star Wars Reviews

Red Letter Media has also received attention thanks to its reviews of recent Star Wars movies. Many amateur online critics tend to praise these films without talking about their negative qualities. Red Letter Media on the other hand have been known to give refreshing and honest takes on Star Wars instalments. Their reviews have even been acknowledged by people who work on these movies, such as Last Jedi director Rian Johnson.