Sports Movies

Over the past ten years there has been a variety of good sports movies released. These films focus on the people who want to push their physical limits and become the best at what they do. They range from narrative Hollywood films to low budget documentaries. Recently there has been an increase in the number of movies that feature sports as a topic. The reason for this is that the general public are becoming more interested in sporting events such as rugby and football.


Based on the popular non-fiction book Playing With The Enemy by John Carlin, Invictus is about South Africa playing in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. This nation had only recently dismantled apartheid and many people believed the team would not do very well. However, they proved their rugby prowess despite all the adversity. Nelson Mandela is a major character in Invictus. Morgan Freeman plays him as he delivers a speech to the world after the rugby final.

Pacific Warriors

The Pacific Islands are home to several international rugby teams. This includes Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. This documentary goes into detail about the numerous players who have come from this region. Both past and present teams are explored, giving viewers a good overview of Pacific rugby. Despite only having a budget of around $400,000, Pacific Warriors has proven to be a popular choice for fans of sports movies.

Next Goal Wins

Next Goal Wins is another documentary that takes place in the Pacific. It follows the official football team of American Samoa as they prepare to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. At the time they were considered one of the worst teams in the world. However, after a renowned coach whips them into shape, American Samoa emerges as a potentially serious team. Next Goal Wins impressively shows the personal side of the people who play for American Samoa. They include one of the first transgender players ever.


Directed by Ron Howard, Rush depicts the famous rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda during the 1976 Formula One season. This includes the infamous crash in which Lauda was severely burned. The film perfectly captures the sense of danger that came from driving F1 cars during this period. At the time there was a severe lack of safety procedures in place. Rush shows the consequences of this.


Senna is another film about the dangers of early Formula One. In recent years this sport has become popular with gamblers. They use betting sites such as Unibet to make wagers on this and other sporting events. However, in the early 1990’s F1 was exciting for another reason: the extreme risk taken by drivers. This documentary explores the life of Ayrton Senna da Silva, one of the biggest names in the sport. His life would be tragically cut short in a crash. This event led to changes in the way that this race is run.


Goon is a Canadian sports comedy set in the world of ice hockey. Seann William Scott plays Doug, who becomes the enforcer of a minor team. When Goon came out in 2011 it was a box office disappointment. However, in recent years it has become very popular on streaming sites. Goon is now seen as one of the better sports films released in the past decade.